Fire Roasted Poblano Pepper and Eggs

by Alice Currah on September 29, 2014. Updated September 30, 2014


One of the most rewarding culinary experiences I recently experienced involved having to hike every morning for my breakfast for seven days.  At the crack of dawn just as the sun was about to rise, I would wake up from a deep slumber with the famous and sacred Kuuchamaa mountain showing off her glory in perfect picturesque form.  With the familiar soft, cool shade of bluish early morning light getting slightly lighter by the minute, the mountain view from my room provided the right type of motivation I needed to get out of bed quickly and meet my friends for our freshly prepared farm to table cocina breakfast.  The only thing standing in the way between me and breakfast was a three mile hike up a rocky mountain where our breakfast awaited us.  This was part of the program at the health and wellness resort I was staying at.  Guests had two choices for breakfast between eating at the regular dining hall or enjoying a family style farm to table Mexican breakfast overlooking acres and acres of fruit and vegetable bearing trees and plants as far as my eyes could see. [click to continue…]

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Ginger Apple Cream Scones

by Alice Currah on September 15, 2014. Updated September 29, 2014


Waking up on the weekends is always a struggle between wanting to sleep in and my body waking up on its own sleep cycle.  Yesterday I lay in bed motionless with eyes closed hoping if I waited long enough I would fall back into a deep slumber. Ten minutes go by… then twenty.  With every passing minute my reality was made clearer; falling back asleep was wishful thinking.  I finally accepted the reality that I was waking up and slowly opened my eyes.  I could see a dark dull light softly coming through the window between the curtain panels illuminating the room just enough, my eyes easily adjusted to my surroundings. [click to continue…]



Autumn Carrot Basil Soup

by Alice Currah on September 5, 2014

I’m in day 3 of the kids back at school and it is amazing how much more I can get done when I have hours of time to be creative in silence and just cook the way I want to without someone asking me to do anything for them or take them somewhere. Up until this week, I’ve been working in small pockets of time for the last 13 years. With Eli finally in all-day school (hurray for 1st grade!), no more twenty minutes here, 10 minutes there. My work flow had been crazy chaotic and staying up until 2am most nights to get work done become normal for me – which isn’t normal at all since sleep deprivation and I have never got along at all. [click to continue…]



Summer Tomato Basil Salad

by Alice Currah on September 4, 2014


I love this time of year when the last of the summer tomatoes hang on their vines. Where there were many only a few remain.  Easily picked with very little resistance, these tomatoes are perfectly ripe, beautiful in color, and naturally sweet from long days of being left uninterrupted basking in the warmth of the sun.  The two basil plants living on my deck have had its leaves picked all summer with very few new ones growing. Instead I have long empty stems standing like naked autumn tree branches. These basil plants have done a remarkable job feeding my family through the summer adding depth of spiced flavor in contrast to the many bowls of cut sweet fruit and enriched pasta we’ve enjoyed. [click to continue…]



Peach Almond Tart

by Alice Currah on September 2, 2014. Updated September 30, 2014

almond-peach-tart-recipe“Mom, come try these peaches! They are so good,” says my 11 year old daughter Mimi, referring to the bite sized samples luring the passersby of a vendor at our local farmers’ market. A small container sectioned in four quadrants contained a variety of stone fruit cut into toothpick ready portions for tasting. Mimi wasted no time in trying each and every one. Of the two varieties of peaches being offered yesterday, I was told by the friendly guy behind the table one was very sweet and one wasn’t as much. The glory of summer can be found in one bite of a perfect ripe peach sweetened by the sun picked at its peak. [click to continue…]