Mother’s Day and Cookbook News!

Bourbon Infused Apple Pie A La Mode Mothers Day and Cookbook News!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I’ve been hinting to my husband how a gift certificate for an hour long massage or a pedicure would really make me happy. Every year the night before Mother’s Day he finds an excuse to go to the grocery store. He does this so he can search for a last minute Mother’s Day card and gift. It has become comical because there are two things I am not fans of –carnations and “World’s Greatest Mom” gear. Yet most years I get one or the other; sometimes both. We need to break this cycle where I get to say, “Every year my husband sends me to the spa for a day of pampering.” Oh yes, baby, spa day.

Savory Sweet Life Book Trailer!

3d book Mothers Day and Cookbook News!In just over three weeks my cookbook, Savory Sweet Life: 100 Simply Delicious Meals for Every Family Occasion (June 2012, William Morrow), will be released. This cookbook is about great memorable food, family and friends, and celebrating the joys of everyday life. As I developed the recipes I was mindful of how busy families are these days and the reasons why people are too busy to cook, intimidated by a lack of confidence in the kitchen, or a combination of both. I wanted to write and photograph a cookbook that I could use (from a practical standpoint) everyday to feed my family, draw inspiration from, and have my kids someday recall their favorites recipes from their youth with a strong feeling of love and connection to me. I also wanted to write a cookbook which was a true representation of my life. Chapters dedicated to both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, birthdays, potlucks, hosting friends for lunch, Sunday mornings, meals for caring for others, summer entertaining, and many more will inspire you to cook with confidence and with ease. With each recipe accompanied by a gorgeous color photo, they are easy, accessible, and so delicious that people will think you are a gifted home cook based on how good the dishes are.

In case you’re wondering if I actually cook these recipes throughout the year, the answer is a resounding YES! All the time! Several of my closest friends can vouch for how often I bring these recipes to parties and potlucks. The recipes in the cookbook are indeed my go-to dishes for feeding family and friends for any occasion.

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For those of you looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, I encourage you to pre-order your copy of Savory Sweet Life: 100 Simply Delicious Meals for Every Family Occasion, for the special moms, grandmas, sisters, aunties, and friends in your life -perhaps even a treat to yourself. It’s way better than a mug with carnations in it. Trust me on this. If you pre-order you copy, you can download a Mother’s Day quarter-fold card with the book cover on the front of the card and a simple Happy Mother’s Day inscription in the inside. I’m also including a couple bonus incentives for anyone who pre-orders the cookbook.

 *Download Mother’s Day card instructions: Click on the link above titled, “download a Mother’s Day quarter-fold card.”  You will be redirected to a smaller image of the card. Click again on the card to enlarge it. Right click the image and click on the “Save As” tab to your computer.  Print according to your computer’s print instructions. 

With proof of pre-order purchase you will receive an exclusive recipe for Bourbon Infused Apple Pie À La Mode via email as well as a digital set for two gorgeous 5×7” hi-resolution .jpg prints – perfect for printing for framed artwork or perhaps adhering to card stock for beautiful note cards.

*watermarks removed with your copy

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To take advantage of the pre-order incentive, you need to fill out the form below with proof of purchase.

If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, you can order the book from any of these online retailers.

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amazon long Mothers Day and Cookbook News! barnes long Mothers Day and Cookbook News! books a million logo Mothers Day and Cookbook News! indie long1 Mothers Day and Cookbook News!

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Thank you so much for your support of the blog and cookbook over the last few years. I appreciate you so much!

PS: Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a Le Creuset Baker’s Set and Savory Sweet Life (cookbook)! Details here.

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  1. says

    ALICE!!! It looks amazing. I’m so incredibly proud of you and all your hard work. I can. not. wait. to hold that beautiful book in my hands.

  2. says

    Ditto Ashley! I am so excited for your book – what a beautiful trailer! Congrats, girl! Hard work and lots of bumps, but you did it!!

  3. says

    ALICE!! The trailer is awesome. The book looks awesome. I am SO stinkin excited!!!
    That pancake egg/bacon/pacake stack thing made my mouth drop. WOW!!!

  4. Susie Carver says

    Hi Alice! I love the trailer, especially since my favorite kids play a role :-). Everyone I show the trailer to is very impressed. I pre-ordered 5 copies of your book… two for wedding gifts, one for Rayan(but don’t tell her), one for my mom and one for Shailee and I. I might need to buy more… I can’t wait to share them.

  5. Debbie C says

    Wow, congrats on the book! Also, I read several food blogs, and your food photography is my favorite of them all. So beautiful!

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