Cheesecake Cheer Party Today!

alice twitter Cheesecake Cheer Party Today!
Am I the only one still recovering from Thanksgiving?  Seriously, it was less than two weeks ago we were roasting two turkeys with all the fix-ins.  I also made two homemade cheesecakes that vanished within minutes, then I was up at 4:00 AM for Black Friday.  Now my mind is struggling to switch gears to Christmas, which is 15 days away.  Hello!?  Fifteen days.  All I can say is, thank goodness for online shopping and next day shipping!  With all this said, I know many of you are busy too and may be looking for easy holiday tips and inspiration to help you celebrate the holidays without compromising your traditions.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed let me help you find a treasure trove a great holiday recipes on Savory Sweet Life.  Today I am partnering with Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese and hosting a Twitter Party where you can ask me questions about recipes and holiday entertaining, or you can share your knowledge with other people looking for inspiration and advice.  This is what I call real-time online crowd-sourcing in the digital media age.

We will discussing:

  • Alice’s Cheesecake Tips


  •  Favorite Holiday DIY projects


  • Favorite twists on classic Cheesecakes


  • Cheesecake baking tips

I love the idea of sharing with one another and Twitter is the perfect social media platform to do this.  If you are interested in participating, the party starts at 7pm EST till 8pm EST.  You can follow me at @SavorySweetLife as well as Philadelphia Cream Cheese at @LoveMyPhilly . We will be using the hashtag #CheesecakeCheer .

If you have never tweeted and the thought of Twitter scares you I want to put you at ease. It is quite simple.  All you have to do is sign up for a new account at  You’ll want to think of a clever Twitter handle, like a username.  All handles start with the “@” symbol.  Then in the search box just  type in @SavorySweetLife.  You’ll find me right away.  Click on my username and press “follow” and do the same for @LoveMyPhilly.   By doing this you will see all my tweets along with Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  Next, in the search box again, type in #CheesecakeCheer .  Click on the hashtag like you did with the user name. This will allow you to follow our conversation and participate. Make sure each time you say something (tweet) you also type in the hashtag #CheesecakeCheer. This way anyone following our conversation will be able to find it and filter out millions of simultaneous tweets.  Isn’t that cool?  Best of all, we will be giving away prizes (gift cards and cookbooks) throughout the conversation for those joining and participating in the Twitter party.  A party isn’t a party without prizes!

We are going to have fun! You’ll love it if it’s your first time.

I hope to see you later today!

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