Easy Kung Pao Recipe

by Alice Currah on March 27, 2014

It’s no secret that most American Chinese food restaurants serve dishes that have been adapted to please the Westernized American palate.  In fact, if you go to China, authentic dishes vary from region to region. Here in Seattle, these dishes have a large degree of different versions depending on the cook.  If you go to a fast-food type teriyaki restaurant, typically owned and run by Koreans, their version of Japanese and Chinese (Yes, both are on the menu as well as popular Korean dishes) food reflect a Korean point of view in their culinary creations.  This was particularly true with a local teriyaki restaurant in our former neighborhood owned by a little old Korean lady named Joy. [click to continue…]

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Perfect Chocolate Cupcakes

by Alice Currah on March 20, 2014


Since when did frosting become the show stopping centerpiece piled inches high on top of a humble cupcake? I will never understand this phenomenon of decorating cupcakes with so much frosting that in volume almost meets or sometimes exceeds the cake itself. It used to be I would only see this happen in grocery store bakeries where various shades of neon tinted (shortening based) frosting were swirled on top of cupcakes as if it were a single serving of soft-serve frozen yogurt. So much damn frosting. I still cringe when I see these cupcakes make an appearance at a party or function we’re attending. And no, I’m not being a cupcake snob. I’m strictly thinking about the amount of butter (or shortening) and sugar people are consuming in the frosting along. If I had to guess, I would say at least a half stick of butter. [click to continue…]



How to Make Authentic Chai

by Alice Currah on March 5, 2014


Do you drink chai? Do you call it chai tea? Or maybe you’ve ordered it at Starbucks and call it a chai latte.  For the love of my Uncle Hameed, please know that “chai” is another word for tea. And if you call chai, chai tea, or order a chai latte (which Starbucks does not add a shot of espresso) you are agreeing to conform to the masses and its acceptance of not knowing what you’re talking about.  I’m not judging you.  In fact, I used to call it chai tea myself. That is until Uncle Hameed, my husband’s uncle, schooled me.  Given the fact he is from Pakistan and drinks chai daily he would know a thing or two about tea. [click to continue…]



Salt and Pepper Garlic Prawns

by Alice Currah on March 3, 2014

Nothing is more disappointing than being psyched up to eat something epic only to discover it’s mediocre.  During my last couple visits to Hawaii I always make it a priority to eat as the locals do.  Instead of hitting the beaches to soak up of the sun, I put on a pair of good walking shoes and do a self-guided food crawl with a list of must-visit places to eat.  While on Oahu, visiting the famous shrimp trucks in the North Shore is a given but what bothers me the most about these trucks are how their reputations built this out of body experience hope that must be tried in order to understand the hype.  I won’t pick on any singular shrimp truck, but I will say this much. I wasn’t so impressed that any of these trucks blew me away like I hoped and expected.  It boiled down to cooked shrimp swimming in a bath of melted butter and tossed in what tasted like jarred chopped garlic, which in and of itself has a distinguishable flavor.  I’m not trying to be a purist but the difference in flavor between jarred garlic and fresh garlic is like night and day. [click to continue…]



Yogurt Granola Fruit Tart

by Alice Currah on February 27, 2014



Take a really good look at that photo above.  Don’t you wish you could bite into it?  What if I told you it was healthy and good for you?  What if I told you it wasn’t dessert, but it was breakfast dressed to look like dessert with all the health benefits of a complete meal including healthy complex and simple carbohydrates, a substantial amount of protein, and healthy fats?  What if I told you these yogurt granola fruit tarts were super easy to make, would you make one?
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