Grilled BBQ Chicken Legs Recipe

by Alice Currah on June 25, 2014


I have nothing really profound to say other than Happy Summer to you.  I hope you’re enjoying the warmer temperatures and taking advantage of all the wonderful seasonal berries, fruit, and vegetables I see gracing farmers markets and grocery stores.  I’m trying my best at keeping my sanity as I referee my kids between sibling squabbles and intentionally ignoring them to sometimes work it out for themselves.  Abbi is turning 13 this Saturday, and I find myself in denial about how she is, in fact, her own person.  I watched her for the first time at the park, leave our family table to go “hang out” with a group of friends which in the past has only been girls, and now was girls and boys transitioning from opposite gender awkwardness to the cusp of post-puberty maturity that I am still shaking my head about.  When I asked Abbi if she was hungry, she politely declined while not making eye contact. Still processing this. [click to continue…]

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Better Than the Classic: Nutella Raspberry S’mores

by Alice Currah on June 17, 2014


I am no stranger to late night pantry attack of guilty pleasures.  In fact, I am a proud card carrying member of this underground club where members world wide shamefully rummage through the pantry in the late evening hours foraging for all the foods most health magazines tell you to avoid without a second thought to whether or not doing so will undo all the Fitbit goals one may have accomplished just earlier in the day.  A woman on a mission to find chocolate cannot be stopped, reasoned with, and most importantly, denied.

The conversation I have with myself when I’m enjoying a few spoonfuls of peanut butter studded with chocolate chips goes something like this. [click to continue…]



Sneak Peak into Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas Dynamic Dining

by Alice Currah on June 5, 2014. Updated June 9, 2014


Television personality and food connoisseur Andrew Zimmern once said, “Please be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.” 

Last week Royal Caribbean flew me to Miami from Seattle.  Not knowing what to expect, I expected to be amazed by Chef Cornelius Gallagher, the Director of Culinary Operations at Royal Caribbean International, and Chef Michael Gillian, the Royal Caribbean Corporate Chef.  Both chefs are known to be passionate about food in the culinary world, and are all about creating extraordinary meals.  They are now bringing their Michelin-star experience and celebrated restaurateur backgrounds to the cruise industry in a ground-breaking way. [click to continue…]



Sweet and Spicy Cherry Cilantro Shrimp Rangoon Recipe

by Alice Currah on May 26, 2014. Updated May 27, 2014


For a Pacific Northwest city girl like me, traveling to Southern Louisiana for the first time can be described as a cultural history lesson that is full of everything you would expect Cajun country to be, and then some.   As an invited guest of the Tabasco company I spent several days on Avery Island along with several other food bloggers.  We experienced the beauty of the Bayou and got a close up and personal look at one of America’s most beloved companies, Tabasco.  The founder Edmund McIlhenny started selling his infamous hot sauce in the early 1870’s and Tabasco is still family owned and operated after all these years. [click to continue…]



Molten Lava Cake Recipe for One

by Alice Currah on May 9, 2014


I know the one minute chocolate mug cake is all the rage when you need a little chocolate indulgence late at night but come on, let’s be real.  Those mug cakes, as convenient as they are to make, never really satisfy.  When people like you and me make those mug cakes, we usually take that last bite with a sudden surge of regret because in the end we know we settled for something less than desirable out of sheer desperation to get a chocolate fix.  Always disappointing, never enjoyable.  Instead, I want to offer you something worthy of your affection with the same amount of effort it takes to make the mug cake but with 9 minutes longer of baking time.  Remember, good things come to those who wait and don’t respond out of desperation – that’s a good life lesson, generally speaking. [click to continue…]