Plum Jam Recipe – No Pectin Required

plumjam Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
A few days ago my neighbor Jill stopped by with a bag full of ripened Italian plums just picked from her trees minutes earlier.  Instantly I knew I would have to make plum jam using the vibrant orangish-peach flesh.  All the jams I’ve made this year have been made without using pectin and are ridiculously easy to make. Plum jam is no exception.  All you need is fruit, or in this case plums, sugar, and a squeeze of lemon. That is it. Pretty easy huh?  So make some plum jam with the bounty of the season. Enjoy!

ItalianPlums Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required

Easy No-Pectin Plum Jam Recipe


2 cups chopped plums, peels removed

1 cup sugar

1 Tbl. lemon juice


Cook plums and lemon juice on medium heat for 5 minutes. Add sugar and stir until everything is well combined. Cook for an additional 15-20 minutes until the thickness of the jam has been reduced to the consistency of thick honey or 220 F. degrees stirring occasionally. Skim off the foam, remove from heat, and allow to cool. Enjoy!

cutplums Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
Cutting, pitting, and peeling the plums the good old fashion way.. with my fingers and paring knife.
plumflesh Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
The fruit of my labor.
lemonjuiceplum Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
Just a little squeeze of lemon will do.
plumsreducing1 Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
Step 1: Cooking the plums by themselves for a few minutes.
plumsreducing2 Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
Step 2: Adding the sugar to begin the process of reducing and preserving.
plumsreducing3 Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
Step 3: Watching the fruit break down and reducing the liquid.
plumsreducing4 Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
Final Step: Nothing. Congrats, you’re there.
plumjam2 Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required

pin it button Plum Jam Recipe   No Pectin Required
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  1. lisa says

    Do I have to put wax on top or boil the jars after I make this jam in order to preserve it
    I am making quite a lot and want to give it away. Does it need to be refrigerated?

  2. Joyce says

    Why would you peal the skins off? They add to the color of the jam by turning it a beautiful jewel tone of a purplish pink. It is a shame not to include them.

  3. isabell says

    Hi, How many 250gms does this recipe makes? Thanks!, I will want to try it to make today my frind gave me 2 kilos of Plums and they are delicious is my first time making jam so im a little nervous any opinions are welcome!

  4. cornz says

    making now, with cinnamon, mixed spice, few cloves. I have added a teaspoon of pectin.
    Looks/smells lovely. Remove the foam, looks nicer in jars.

  5. kathy says

    I have those deep purple plums when ripe they are soft and seem too hard to remove the pit. Should i pick them a little sooner from the tree to try to cut them. they are very juices when ripe

  6. Julie says

    I made this the first time with domestic plums, using Diana’s modifications (skins on & much more fruit to less sugar) and it turned out wonderful! Today I made plum jam again using wild plums (which have VERY TART skins). I used about 8c plums and 4.5c sugar. Still has a bit of tartness, but good. Next time (I have lots more wild plums) I might try the jelly variety and use less sugar.
    I have yet to use pectin in my jam/jelly making this year! Oops – may have used it once.

  7. Linda Y says

    Thank you for this simple recipe. My neighbor gave me a bag of plums and I didn’t know what to do with them. The jam came out sweet-tart and I love it.

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