Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce

acornsquash Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce

Today is the second day of the month and you can definitely tell its Fall in Seattle. Leaves in hues of red, yellow, orange, green, and purple blanket the streets and sidewalks like a patchwork quilt straight from heaven. The cold crisp air is a beautiful reminder Fall has arrived and all of its glory.

So yesterday I couldn’t help myself but prepare an acorn squash with its own brown sugar butter sauce. What I like about this recipe is how simple it is. All though it is slightly sweet, the sugar doesn’t over power the squash but just adds enough sweetness to make it so good. Preparing it in the microwave and broiler also cuts down on cooking time compared to the traditional method of baking it in the oven. May you be filled with the bounty of the season and this recipe for acorn squash. Enjoy!

Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce Recipe

Serves 2


1 acorn squash, cut in half with seeds removed

1/2 cup water

a couple pinches of salt

a couple pinches of nutmeg

a couple pinches of cinnamon

2 – 1 Tablespoon pats of butter

4-6 Tablespoons brown sugar


Preheat oven on HIGH-Broiler.  Pour water in a microwavable casserole dish large enough to accommodate the squash.  Place the acorn squash flesh side down in the dish and microwave for 15 minutes.  Remove from microwave carefully because the dish will be hot.  Remove the acorn squash and transfer to a baking sheet with the flesh side facing up.  Place a small pat of butter in each half and rub the entire flesh sided surface.  Any remaining butter should be left in the middle of the squash.  Sprinkle the squash with salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon.  Finally sprinkle between 2-3 Tablespoons of brown sugar around the rim of the squash and allow the remaining sugar to join the butter in the center (This will be your brown sugar sauce).  Broil on high heat for 5 minutes.  You should seem some the rim of the squash with caramelization.  If not, broil for an additional 3 minutes.  Remove from heat and enjoy!

**Note: This recipe is not overly sweet or spicy.  The sugar and spices merely enhance the wonderful natural flavor of the squash. If you prefer a  more sweet and spicy acorn squash just add more according to your liking.

squash Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce
acornsquashmicrowave Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce
acornsquashbutter Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce
acornsquashseasoned Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce
acornsquashbrownsugar Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce


acornsquash1 Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce

pin it button Acorn Squash Recipe with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce
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  1. says

    These look so good! I made them a few days ago, but I don’t think I was generous enough with the brown sugar & I left out the cinnamon completely. There’s still time though – and now you’ve got me optimistic again. Thanks!

  2. says

    This just brings back so many memories. I loved having this as a kid. I would actually get giddy when my mom would make it. Being Canadian we threw in a little maple syrup as well, but brown sugar on it’s own is just as good.

  3. Kamran Siddiqi says

    Such beautiful photos for this post! I especially love the how simplistic and rustic they are, which appeals to my eye. That acorn squash looks delish!

  4. says

    I just love squash and one of them is acorn. But we don’t have them here. But I can almost taste and smell that roasted acorn squash with brown sugar, butter and spices.

  5. Norah says

    You already noticed I blogged about this recipe but I still wanted to leave a comment here for you. We loved this dish! Thank you so much for sharing it as I normally just throw the acorn squash away. This is a must try squash recipe.

  6. says

    I made this tonight and it was AWESOME! It is honestly the BEST tasting sauce on squash – YUM! Thanks again Alice! I’d link for ya if I knew how :)

  7. Kerin says

    I’d been thinking about this recipe for several days after I first saw it and finally was able to make the Acorn Squash the other night. My husband was a bit nervous and after one bite said “this is decadent!” This is easy, wonderful and memorable. Definitely a keeper and certainly “guest worthy!” Thank you!

  8. Leez says

    I tried this recipe today. I used less brown sugar but added just a bit of honey. It tasted marvellous! Simple yet delicious. Luv it! And I was just thinking of getting rid of this squash because no one seems to know how to cook it :D Thank you!

  9. says

    This looks de-lish, picked up a couple of acorn squash at the new Trader Joes in Olympia,Wa (love Seattle by the way) I use to live in Issaquah. Going to make this tonight.
    Thanks for sharing, photos are great!
    Lisa and Eric
    Le’Saric Gourmet Caramels

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