Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe

peppermintbark1 Easy Peppermint Bark RecipeI love peppermint bark for so many reasons.  It is one of my favorite Christmas recipes because of how simple it is.  In fact, my daughters made this last batch with my supervision and I must say… they did a fabulous job! In fact I think their bark looks better than Harry and David’s, Williams-Sonoma, and Neiman Marcus’ because it is homemade and made with 100% love.

Some peppermint bark recipes only use white chocolate but I prefer the combination of both brown and white.  If you are looking for an easy to make Holiday treat to make as gifts or to have on hand when guests come over this is a great recipe for you – freezes well too.  Happy Holidays! Enjoy!

candycanes Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe

Peppermint Bark Recipe


1 bag of chocolate chips (any kind you like)

1 bag of white chocolate chips

24 mini candy canes, crushed *do not crush using a food processor – place candy canes in a zip lock bag and use a hammer to crush into small pieces


Line the bottom of a 9×13 pan with parchment paper.  Pour (brown) chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl.  Microwave chocolate chips in increments of 30 seconds stirring the chips each time until chocolate chips have completed melted and mixture is smooth.  Spread melted chocolate  as evenly as possibly into lined pan.  Place pan into freezer for 20 minutes.  Repeat the same melting process with the white chips.   While chocolate is still smooth, stir in half of the crushed candy cane mixture.  Allow the white chocolate to slightly cool for a minute.  Remove pan from freezer and spread white chocolate/crushed candy canes mixture on top of the chocolate layer.  Spread white chocolate as quickly as possible.  Top off with remaining crushed candy cane and gently pat down with the back of a spatula.  Return pan to freezer for 20 minutes.  Remove from freezer and gently lift the whole mixture from the pan with a butter knife.  You should now have a solid sheet of peppermint bark.  Remove parchment paper and break into pieces. Store any left over bark in a ziplock bag and place in the freezer. Enjoy!

*if white chocolate chips do not melt smooth, stir in 2 tablespoons of shortening.
crushingcandycane Easy Peppermint Bark Recipecrushedcandycane Easy Peppermint Bark Recipechocolatechips Easy Peppermint Bark Recipewhitechocolatechips Easy Peppermint Bark Recipepeppermintbark Easy Peppermint Bark Recipe

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    I was researching what causes the white and dark to separate. On another blog, I read that you should use white chocolate containing cocoa butter and NOT palm kernal oil or coconut oil. Apparently those oils will not adhere or bond to the milk chocolate or dark chocolate (whichever you’re using). I’m gonna give that a try and see if it helps!

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    This is a before or after dinner mint that packs a lot more than a refreshing feeling after you consume it. This is pure delight for your taste buds.

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