affogato2 AffogatoSome of you at this very moment are wondering what the heck is an affogato.  After all, isn’t Savory Sweet Life all about everyday recipes?  Coffee lovers rejoice!  You’re in for a wonderful treat.  Affogato is an Italian coffee dessert made up of a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso poured over.  And let me tell you… it is absolutely divine.  So simple yet so good.. my kind of dessert.  If you don’t have an espresso maker, strong coffee works too.  Either way you have it, affogato is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Enjoy!

Affogato Recipe

Pour a shot of espresso (or 1/4 cup of strong coffee) over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Espresso Affogatovanillaicecream Affogatoaffogato Affogato

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  1. Sylva says

    Wow, I did this last summer without knowing that it’s an Italian recipe! My friends looked at me and wondered what I was doing, now I can tell them it’s an Affrogato. Thank you! :-)

  2. Mikey says

    I never heard of this name before, but I have been making this since the 1980’s in my college dining hall. I thought I was the only one. A dish of vanilla ice cream with a little strong black coffee drizzled over it. Who knew I was a gourmet back then?!

  3. Catherine says

    I love Frappuccinos affogato style, will definately try this tonight!

    Alice, I love your website and recipes. They are fabulous! If you haven’t heard back about it yet, a frappuccino affogato is a frappuccino made the normal way and then a shot or two of espresso on top. I think it tastes the best if you top the frappuccino with either caramel or mocha sauce before adding the shot(s) on top.

  4. Michele says

    My husband asks for these at every espresso shop in the summer. He always asks, do you have vanilla ice cream? Do you know what an affogato is? And then, when the poor barista says no, he instructs them in making him an affogato. They are yummy.

  5. Andrewaus says

    Here in Australia most affogatos are made with liquer as well as icecream and espresso. Frangelico is a favourite in many cafes and restaraunts.

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